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Our motive for holiness (Deuteronomy 7)

God’s words here seem very harsh. “Devote the nations in Canaan to complete destruction. Make no covenant with them and show no mercy to them.” Why so harsh? Because they hated God and were in rebellion against him, their Creator … Continue reading

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Approved. Chosen. (Romans 16)

In Paul’s greetings, two things stood out to me today. He says of a man named Apelles: “he is ‘approved in Christ.’” And of a man named Rufus: “he is ‘chosen in the Lord.’” The truth is, both things can … Continue reading

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I Peter 1:1-2 — Who we are. Who we are called to be.

I don’t always take so much time looking at the greeting section of these letters in the New Testament. But as much as any letter in the New Testament, and perhaps more, this greeting connects to everything else that is written in … Continue reading

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Ephesians 1:1-14 — Chosen and blessed in love, by God’s plan and for his glory

As I look at the first two chapters of Ephesians, I can’t help but marvel all over again at all that God has given you and me who have put our faith in Jesus. Paul starts this letter to the … Continue reading

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Romans 1:1-7 — Loved and called by God

And so we hit Romans, perhaps the most important book in the New Testament, because it so clearly sets out what the gospel is. It was written by Paul to the church in Rome before he had had the chance … Continue reading

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Acts 9:1-19 — Chosen…to go

I said yesterday there were two stories in Acts that shows both the election of God, man’s choice, and our need to go and spread the gospel.  Looking at today’s story, I think I should make that three stories.  (The … Continue reading

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