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Matthew 20:29-34; Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43 — Looking beyond ourselves

As I read the story of Bartimaeus and his friend, what strikes me is the incredible compassion and love Jesus had for people. Here Jesus is, headed for the cross, and his closest friends, despite all he’s told him, still … Continue reading

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Matthew 9:35-38 — Seeing the harvest

Lots of things to see in this passage. Jesus went.  He went out to preach the good news, to touch, and to heal those who were hurting. Jesus saw.  So many times we see people, but we don’t really see them. … Continue reading

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Psalm 142 — Pouring out our hearts before God

I’ve already written one post concerning Psalm 142, but it was in combination with another psalm, so I decided to give it its own post. Here we see David in one the caves he spent his time hiding in during … Continue reading

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Psalm 103 — The love and mercy of God

This is a psalm of praise for the love and mercy of God.  When David wrote this, we don’t know, but I kind of think it was written after his sin with Bathsheba or perhaps his sin concerning the census. … Continue reading

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Job 25-27 — Incomplete and distorted

We finally come to the last of the speeches by Job’s friends.  Essentially, Bildad totally ignores all that Job said, and just says, “God’s great.  God’s pure.  But you.  You’re just a dirty worm.  Dirty.  Impure.  A mere maggot in … Continue reading

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Zechariah 7 — False piety

Many people criticize Christians for hypocrisy, warranted or not.  But to God, it is a serious issue. In this passage, we see the returnees who had been exiled to Babylon coming before Zechariah and asking if they should continue fasting … Continue reading

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Ezekiel 25-29 — A heart of malice

We now shift the scene back to Babylon.  The prophesies here, for the most part, happened during the time of Jerusalem’s siege and fall. In these passages, Ezekiel prophesies against some of the enemies around Judah, the Ammonites, Moabites, Edomites, … Continue reading

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Jeremiah 48-49; Obadiah — Reasons for judgment

I know.  At first glance, it seems a bit strange to combine Jeremiah and Obadiah.  But there is some method to my madness.  If you look at Obadiah, it actually has a lot in common with Jeremiah 49:7-22.  A lot … Continue reading

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Isaiah 63-64 — God of compassion, God of power

It amazes me that the God who created this world could care about me.  That the God who just spoke things into existence could even spare a moment’s thought about me. But that’s what we see here.  Isaiah talks about … Continue reading

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Isaiah 15-16 — Compassion for our brothers

Hatred can be worst when it’s between brothers or close relatives.  Probably because our expectations are much higher for people who are supposed to be our kin. In the same way, the Moabites should have had a much better relationship … Continue reading

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