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Psalm 37 — Frustrated by the evil we see

“What’s the point of following God and doing what’s right, when I’m struggling and so many people I see doing their own thing are prospering?” So many times we feel that way.  We look at all the people doing evil … Continue reading

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Jeremiah 29 — While we’re still here

I’ve been thinking a lot of about life and death recently.  One of the pillars of my church here in Japan, a woman named Kathleen Benton, passed away last week due to cancer.  She wasn’t a pastor, but what she … Continue reading

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Isaiah 44:24-28 — The God who knows the futu…our name

There are a number of non-Christian and “Christian” Biblical scholars that have serious doubts about whether Isaiah wrote chapters 40-66.  There are numerous reasons for this.  One is that Isaiah wrote about the future as if it had already happened.  … Continue reading

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