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My God. My Father. (2 Corinthians 6-7)

It’s been a fun week: I caught the flu on Saturday and only yesterday have started to get back into normal life. Anyway, whenever you look at this kind of passage, particularly 6:16-7:1, it’s easy to focus on the commands: … Continue reading

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James 2:17-26 — How true faith expresses itself (Part 4)

There was something that I wanted to add in the last blog, but it was getting long as it was, so I decided to put it here. One thing that I have been trying very carefully to do is to … Continue reading

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Romans 13:8-10 — To fulfill the law

It has always seemed strange to me that Paul said, For whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.  (8b) After all, isn’t loving God the other half of fulfilling the law?  Jesus did say after all that the two great … Continue reading

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John 8:12-58 — The one who brings light and life

A lot of people in this world are lost.  They seek a good life.  A good marriage.  A good job.  And most of all, joy and peace.  And yet, somehow, these things elude them.  People have been like this ever … Continue reading

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John 5:16-18 — Who Jesus is

Who is this Jesus?  That is the question that every single person who encountered him had to face. It’s the question that people to this day must face in encountering Jesus. The Jews came face to face with this question … Continue reading

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Matthew 9:2-8; Mark 2:1-12; Luke 5:18-26 — The power to forgive

Who was this Jesus?  Just a great religious teacher?  A good, moral man?  A miracle worker?  Or something more? From this passage, we can see that Jesus was something much more.  Jesus was back in Capernaum where he had made … Continue reading

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John 1:1-18 — When God became flesh

For those wondering how I’m going to tackle the Gospels, I’m going to do it as I did the Old Testament, that is, chronologically.  I’m going to use a harmony of the Gospels to do this, and weave between the … Continue reading

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Isaiah 47 — Making ourselves God

The lie that Satan said in the garden of Eden thousands of years ago is the same lie he tells us today.  “You will be like God.” And thoughout history, men (and women) have tried to make themselves god in … Continue reading

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