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Living as Jesus did (Matthew 3)

I can’t help but notice in this passage that Jesus sets us an example for how we should live as Christians. In getting baptized, though he had no sin to repent of, Jesus showed that he was submitting himself to … Continue reading

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Losing our blessedness (Galatians 3-4)

What then has become of your blessedness? (3:15, ESV) That’s a good question. Many Christians today have lost their blessedness. Why? They’ve forgotten who they are. And they’ve forgotten how they came to be what they are. What do I … Continue reading

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John 8:37-47 — Whose child are you?

Things get pretty acrimonious in this exchange between Jesus and the Jews.  And it came down to this question, “Whose child are you?” It was a question that swirled around Jesus, and it’s possible that when the Jews protested, “We … Continue reading

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