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Revelation 14:6-11 — A final warning

I have said more than once over the past five years I’ve been writing this blog that God is patient, but that his patience will not last forever. And here in this passage, I think we see that patience just about … Continue reading

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Psalm 73 — Discouraged by the evil we see.

It  can be discouraging at times to see all the evil that is in this world.  To see people who prosper despite having no fear of God at all.  People who only look out for themselves and don’t care who … Continue reading

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Malachi 2:17-3:7 — Where’s the justice?

Many times people ask, “If God is good, why is this world so bad?  If he’s so just, where’s the justice?” It’s not a new question.  People were asking it in Malachi’s day.  God told them, You have wearied the … Continue reading

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Isaiah 18 — Though God seems silent

Sometimes as we look at all the evil that is around us, we wonder where God is?  Why doesn’t he do something?  Is he doing anything at all?  Does he even care? And indeed, that seems to be the case … Continue reading

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