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God’s irony (Acts 11:19-30)

When I read this passage today, something struck me. The whole reason why there was a Gentile church in Antioch and other places outside of Israel was that Saul had persecuted the church, causing the Christians to scatter from Jerusalem. … Continue reading

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Who is in charge? (Joshua 5)

This is always a striking passage when I read it. And it always makes me think  about my relationship with God. So many times, people ask, “God, are you really for me?”, as if we were the center of the … Continue reading

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Psalm 142 — Pouring out our hearts before God

I’ve already written one post concerning Psalm 142, but it was in combination with another psalm, so I decided to give it its own post. Here we see David in one the caves he spent his time hiding in during … Continue reading

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