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I Corinthians 12:4-18 — For God’s purposes, for God’s glory

As I think about the problems of pride and jealousy within the church because of spiritual gifts, I think a lot of it comes down to the fact that we forget our lives, as Rick Warren once put it, is … Continue reading

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Acts 23:12-35 — A God whose purposes cannot be thwarted

I mentioned yesterday that God will accomplish his will in our lives and no power on this earth can stop him. We see an example of this in this passage.  Some men had taken an oath to kill Paul, and had … Continue reading

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John 17:16-19 — Sanctified, being sanctified

Sanctification. It’s one of those words that could best be described as “Christianese.”  A word that has meaning in the church, and very little outside of it.  It’s a word you often see in scripture, and one that you might … Continue reading

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Psalm 138 — The God who fulfills his purpose in me

After the depressing nature of Psalm 137, this psalm is quite refreshing.  Why?  I suppose it’s because the focus is back where it should be:  on God. When David composed this psalm is uncertain, but I suppose it’s possible he … Continue reading

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II Chronicles 36:20-23; Ezra 1-2 — Called by name

And so after about ten months, we finally come to the end of II Chronicles.  Sometimes I thought we’d never get to the end of Kings and Chronicles. But here, and at the beginning of Ezra, we see the return … Continue reading

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Ezekiel 38-39 — For His purposes, for His glory, that all may know…

In this passage, Ezekiel looks to the last days when nations will rise up against Israel and try to destroy it, only to be thrust back and destroyed by God.  There’s quite a bit of debate as to when this … Continue reading

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