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Who Jesus really is (Mark 8)

Who is Jesus, really? The disciples should have known. But somehow, they didn’t. It should have been clear to them after Jesus fed the 5000. But after Jesus calmed the storm, it’s clear that they still didn’t really know. (Mark … Continue reading

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A prayer of worship (Colossians 1-2)

I must admit, I don’t worship nearly enough as I should when I read the Bible. But this time, I couldn’t help myself. Lord, as I look at this passage, I can’t help but worship you. Jesus, you are the … Continue reading

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Acts 6-7 — A pattern of rejection

In this passage, we see the church’s first martyr, Stephen.  Stephen was one of the seven deacons that had been chosen by the apostles in the first part of chapter 6. But in preaching the Word of Christ, he came … Continue reading

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Psalm 110 — Our King and Priest

Today, we see one of the most famous Messianic psalms.  Jesus, himself quoted it in posing a puzzle to the Pharisees (Matthew 22:41-45). And here, Yahweh (the LORD, that is, God the Father) says to the Messiah (David’s Lord), Sit … Continue reading

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