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Revelation 20:1-10 — Why people do evil

Why do people do evil? Does the devil make them do it? Are they simply products of their environment? The injustice, poverty, and the evil around them has so shaped them that they simply have no choice? Or is there … Continue reading

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Revelation 12 — A beaten foe, a wrathful foe

“But why must we suffer? Why must we go through persecution? Why wouldn’t God just take us out from it all?” If you’ve been reading through Revelation with me, especially if you believe we will be raptured before all the … Continue reading

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I John 2:18-25 — What Satan tries to sell us

I think it is easy sometimes to think of Satan merely as that roaring lion. The one who out and out seeks to destroy us. But the truth is that as often as he takes that tactic, he also takes … Continue reading

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Matthew 6:13; Luke 11:4 — A daily spiritual battle

Every day, we are fighting a spiritual battle.  That’s why Jesus instructed us to pray, And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.  (Matthew 6:13) We’re living in an evil world, in which the prince … Continue reading

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Isaiah 14 — The fall of our Enemy

This passage is a continuation of chapter 13, talking about the judgment that was to come upon Babylon.  And while I don’t believe that this passage is specifically talking about Satan himself (some people particularly associate verses 12-14 to Satan), … Continue reading

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