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I Peter 3:1-7 — Living as servants of God (Part 3)

From the very beginning of this letter, we’ve seen that we were chosen by the Father and sanctified by the Spirit for obedience to Jesus Christ. In short, we were chosen not to live for ourselves, but for Jesus Christ. … Continue reading

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Ephesians 5:21-33 — Unity in marriage

I have never really thought of this before, but as I’ve been going through Ephesians, it seems to me that this passage is merely an extension of what Paul has been saying throughout.  That is, in Christ, the church has … Continue reading

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Matthew 5:5 — Submitted to the Father

I have to admit that whenever I read this, I’m always having to look up the word meek.  What exactly does it mean to be meek? I suppose it would be good to say what it doesn’t mean.  It doesn’t … Continue reading

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