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Luke 23:34 — Forgive them

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things people struggle with.  The reason is that the hurts we experience go straight to the depths of our hearts.  And as deep as our wounds go, they can be very difficult to heal. … Continue reading

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Matthew 1:1-17; Luke 3:23-37 — Identifying with a fallen people

As we look at the genealogies of Jesus, there are a couple of things that should be noted.  First, the genealogy in Matthew is clearly incomplete as several kings are skipped over (e.g. Joash, Amaziah, and Jehoiakim).  So when you … Continue reading

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Psalm 49 — What money can’t buy

As the old saying goes, “Money makes the world go round.”  But the psalmist here reminds us of another more important truth.  “There are some things that money can’t buy.” He writes, No man can redeem the life of another … Continue reading

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